After seeing several samples/mocks/2006 CFAi exam with the explanations from CFAi themselves (which contained errors btw???) I now believe that in the 40 yrs NO ONE HAS EVER GOTTEN 100% on any exam…it is impossible still can’t get over how that q in Mock 1 was NOT diff focus and just differentiation???

If they have questions like these (the mocks) on the exam, I am going to be pissed…

this is definetely going to be tested…supposedly

is it just me or is there a lot of contradictions with competitive strategy?

I bet Porter himself would get some of those 5 forces and competitive advantage questions wrong the way that CFA has them.

Errors… Also, there is NO reason there should be errors on any of these samples/mocks. They should have a team of ppl reviewing accuracy prior to release… think about being an analyst, if you make an material error in a report you immediately issue a press release…does CFAi do this? Disclosure… If disclosure is so f’n important as Ethics teaches us, where is the disclosure from CFAi as per our marks/grading? I would like to know what I got wrong/right last yr so as not to make similar mistakes in both exams going forward and at my workplace. How else do you learn? Am I the only one who sees the dichotomy here? I’m just really on the edge and needed to vent I suppose…

looks like teh CFAI is not in compliance with their own standards and ethics

Ahhhhhh, but they are! See they tell you from the beginning on their site that they are going to F@ck you over, so they have disclosed the butt rape. What we are confusing is morality and ethics. If I tell you, I am going to f@ck you over if you buy this test…and you buy it and end up getting f@cked over, then I have actied in a ethical maner.

i think in that sense they violated communication with their clients but rape may or may not be implied from getting f*cked over.