suppose you go avg -below avg on 10 vignettes: score 4/6 : 20 marks gone get 2 completely right: 6/6: 0 marks get 5 vignettes correct with 1 stupid mistake each: 5/6 5 marks blow up 1 vignette: say a TB style massacre: 1/6: 5 marks 2 tough vignettes scores of 50% : 3/6: 6 marks upshot:you still get exactly 70%. so it is not that difficult as it seems…right?. so many 4/6s and still safe.hopefully there are no massacres .

that’s actually a goodway to look at it. i always say i can get 5/6 on half and 4/6 on the other and get a safe 75. i can dream, right?

should we get >=70% to pass the exam? i mean, is it possible to pass at a level of , say, 67% or even lower?

70 is what you want to target. 67 would pass. How many points lower can you go before graders start looking at your ethics score, that’s anyone guess.

Depends on if everyone else crapped their pants on that day

Ethics won’t save me - that’s for sure

this looks like a LI thread! :stuck_out_tongue: we’ve all been through this before last year. The aim is 100%, aim for that, and dont worry about passing scores :slight_smile: