I have gone through the curriculum twice as well (not including Ethics and GIPS). You’ll find that you pick up a lot of stuff the second time around. Either stuff will make more sense to you now that you’ve seen the whole thing, or you’ll just pick up bits and pieces that you didn’t notice before.

My approach differs in that I haven’t done any EOC’s or blue box questions. Instead, I did Schweser’s QBank for each reading. I’m saving the EOC’s and blue boxes for April 16. (I’m a tax accountant.) And I’m saving Schweser’s mock exams until May 20 or so.

To the OP: Out of curiousity, what was your approach for L2? Did you do multiple passes for that as well? What sources did you use? Thanks!

My experience (which worked):

Second pass through I solidified areas I understood rather quickly, and those that were still difficult I noted but did not spend a ton of time mastering each. That set me up for going back to focus on the difficult areas after my second pass thru the materials. I felt good knowing I did at least 2 passes, and picked up difficult topics better knowing I could focus on them and not needing to keep going to get thru the materials again.

From then on it was practice questions, as many prior exams as possible, and reviewing areas that are identified thru the practice Qs. Also, pay attention to where the big point items are, and agree on leaving GIPs and Ethics towards mid-May to really get into.

I found Schweser to be a way to cover a lot of ground, particularly on later passes thru to stay fresh on topics, and the CFAI EOCs and all prior exams to be absolutely necessary. The other thing that really helped was staying the F away from this site. Great to check in, but posting/asking/answering is just a waste of time and way to get misinformation…

I find it crazy that anyone is through the material at the start of February…especially if they used CFAI materials. Makes me think you either started way too early, didnt really digest material on the first pass, or are just wicked smart…

I am finished with my first read-through already. Now, I have not done any EOCs or blue boxes, but I have read and highlighted all the CFA material. I know myself and how I learn, and I know that I need to make two passes and that I learn the most on the second pass. So the quicker I can get through the first pass, the more time I have to really solidify stuff and make sense of the stuff I didn’t understand the first time through.

It has worked fabulously for me on the first two levels.

after reading do lots of practice === do Schweser, Allen, rapidquizzer or what have you

repetition is key

I don’t know how people have the time to read the material and complete blue box and EOC questions TWICE?! Even trying to read the material twice and doing the EOC’s once is a struggle for me.

I finish my first detailed passthrough of the material with all EOC’s complete with 8 or 9 weeks to go. I then spend the next 2-3 weeks reviewing difficult areas are re-doing some EOC’s. Then with 5 or 6 weeks to go I start taking a few days off work here and there and try to knock over as many practice exams I can. During this period you find yourself still revewing a lot of the material anyway to clarrify incorrectly answered questions

This approach is yet to fail me.

Good luck.

I think we should thank mikeworld1976 for starting this thread. This should wake everyone up !

I started in mid-September. I finished the entire curriculum (minus Ethics and GIPS) by Christmas. I watched the Schweser video, read the Schweser book, then answered the questions in the Q-Bank.

As of five minutes ago, I completed the second pass, doing the exact same thing. I picked up a lot of information that I didn’t pick up before. This probably comes from having seen the entire curriculum once.

Now, I’m about to start all of the Schweser EOC questions, and all of the CFA EOC’s and blue-box questions. I plan to do the Schweser for the SS 3, then CFAI for SS 3. Then I will do Schweser for SS 4, CFAI for SS 4, etc.

(p.s. - I started early because I was a tax accountant, and anticipated not being able to study much during tax season. I got laid off on Feb. 7, due to a general business slowdown. Now I’m not so worried about not having time to study. If I didn’t have a seasonal job, I probably wouldn’t have started so early.)

Wow. I started February 1st and I feel ahead of schedule already. You guys are crazy.

hear hear

just signed up before the second deadline. so just started to study again. failed last year and still don’t know if i wanna go through this again.

so including last year reading CFAI stuff for second time.