Topics I am going to skip....

am cutting it really fine - have not done any CFAI samples/mocks yet and have only selectively done a few exam Qs from Book 6 on certain topics when I was reviewing them over last week. deciding to focus and consolidate on my (relative) strengths (Ethics, Equities, FSA, FI, Derivs). the topics I am going to skim over and try to sneak a few point on but accept that I will get shafted if they’re full vignettes next Sat: Time Series - found this to be a killer, can’t get my head round it. Know there’s a good chance of it coming up but its too frustrating - going to take a chance and skip. Econ theory chapters - am skimming and hoping my Econ degree will pull me through. Learning the FX calc stuff as find that quite intuitive. Overall econ is a bad trade-off in terms of hours invested. PM - ICAPM is a real pain too. Skimming this lightly. Traynor Black - doubt they will throw another vignette on this again. finding it impossible to retain a grasp of sheer depth of material we need to cover. Anyone else leaving out certain areas out of frustration?

my strategy has been that if i’m weak on a subject, i hit it harder, not skip it. the probabilities never seem to go my way. if i hope a certain subject is not tested, you can bet your last dollar it will be. that’s just me though. if i had better luck i’d be a professional gambler and not taking this bi*ch of a test.

I wasn’t planning on it, however, after taking the CFA Samples I discovered I had inadvertently left out FSA, Ethics, PM, and Fixed Income from my studying. T/G


I agree with the OP. I feel even without drilling down on certain topics, I can still manage to get 50% if they happen to come up on the exam. I will be lightly browsing certain topics, and then really drilling down on the core concepts. The ones I will be skipping… Time Series Econ Theory(have a decent knowledge of the important concepts) FSA Synthesis EM Valuation Growth Duration Model

Before I realized that on schweser you can go right to the answer section on the website for Book 6, I was inputting dummy answers to get to the answer key. I filled every answer with A and ended up with 33%…hmmmm; never forget you always have a one in four chance of guessing right if you skip a topic!

I put in C for all and failed at 17% so choice A is the way to go!

Lance, agree EM Valuations is another one I will only lightly skim. A lot of people complained about inclusion of traynor black last yr - surely it was possible to score 2/6 through luck/guess work/process of elimination on this so I can’t see how it can be blamed as primary cause of their failure. at this stage, think you have to specialise on certain areas and have some basic knowledge (sauce) of the ones which you just can’t figure out

To me, it’s like capital budgeting. I have some mutually exclusive items, and I have use my best estimations to figure out which ones have the highest present value. Some of the topics will just take too much of my time to master, and the likelihood of them being on the test is low. Another point to add, is even on the difficult topics that everyone wants to avoid, I still feel confident on conceptual questions. I would just be screwed for instance if I had to calculate weightings for Treynor Black, but I could answer most conceptual questions regarding the topic.

Punt list just got a new member…Valuation in Emerging Markets uh, yeah, F that…I’ve got your real and nominal right here pal

Squirrel24 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Punt list just got a new member…Valuation in > Emerging Markets > > uh, yeah, F that…I’ve got your real and nominal > right here pal Good call Squirrel. Right there with ya’ pal.

CFROI… adjusted R squared formula… some of the asset-backed securities stuff is just too much… although i did well guessing on it on schweser.

I think I’m going to skip deriivatives.

EM Valuation will be nothing but a time saver for me. If it comes up on the exam I will be done with the vignette in about 15 seconds.