Topics in L3 that requires a callback/brushup from Level 1 and Level 2 content

I understand there are some topics in L3 curriculum that requires a brush up of some topics from Level 1 and Level 2. Would appreciate if anyone can elaborate on what those specific topics are. Thanks a lot in advance.

None. Just read the LIII curriculum and you’ll be all set.


Hashtag doesn’t deserve the thumbs down here, he’s right. The material is standalone, everything in the curriculum is enough to cover the material on the exam, unless you forgot how to use the calculator or do basic TVM.

Wasn’t the first AM question on the 2017 exam not a Level 3 focus, but rather more of a Level 1 concept? Or maybe it was covered in multiple levels.

No need to go back. Just study the L3 curriculum and practice, practice, practice … for instance I stopped for 7 years and pickup L3. I failed one time but it had nothing to do with not remember what L1 and L2 were about. Full disclosure, i did take a couple of other certificates in between.

Yup. Nothing really overlaps. Unless you forget that bonds pay coupons and stocks pay dividends…

I passed CFA level 2 exam in 2012.

But due to some family issues, I wrote the Level 3 exam in June 2015 but could not clear it. Now I am planning to appear for level3 2020. Now I am very much desperate to clear this exam. I am not working till the exam is one.

Can you please provide some suggestions.

Thanks in Advance

None for me, I just went straight into L3 IFT videos. And followed the same strategy I used for L1 and L2, i.e. printed the PPT slides and took notes while watching the videos, revised again before attempting the BB+EOCs+CFAI Qbank (managed to finish like 50% of the Qs)+CFAI PM paper(attempted 1 out of 2)+AM PP(think I did 5-7 years of AM PP)+MM Mocks (only did the AM section of a paper that was marked by S2000magician). I found the L3 material less sticky than the other two levels, so I had to revise multiple times.

Good luck,