Topics not in a LOS

I’ve noticed a reoccuring theme in the CFA texts where topics are described in good detail but are nowhere to be found in a LOS. The pages I’ve referenced here discuss calculating accrued interest and determing the number of days in between settlement and coupon payment. Should i assume this is a questionable material? Another topic that comes to mind which was not included in a LOS was the discussion of leveraging the beta, which was discussed in great detail and many of the questions at the end of reading were devoted to it as well. If anyone has any other topics that mysteriously cannot be found in a LOS, please post. I tend the to read the LOS and then find the specific material. It would be helpful to be aware of other topics I have overlooked that do not have a LOS. Thanks

Hi, what does LOS stand for? Thanks

Learning Outcome Statements, the list of letters at the beginning of each reading.

Thanks rn188! That was quick!

the reason the irrelevant stuff is there is because the cfa institute lifts entire chapters from textbooks verbatim not in LOS = not tested

If that’s the case, then I don’t understand why these topics have practice problems based off of them. The questions at the end of the reading appear to be customized to the topics one should have an understanding of. If a topic is in the reading, but does not correspond to a LOS, why would there be question(s) based off of the material? Does CFA just copy and paste a bunch of readings together? (sometimes it seems this way based off of the size of the errata. Was a drunkard put in charge of making sure each section was error free?)

Hi I have also noticed this problem and it is extremely frustrating. I am having difficulty interpreting the LOS! One example I came across tonight… Corp Fin. reading 45, several tricky pages about calculating Beta, but nothing about it in LOS. I skipped the buggers.

Schweser doesn’t seem to go into detail with regards to additional information not on the exam. But reading the information will probably be beneficial for Level 2 and your understanding

there was a lot of talk coming up to june 2008 as to whether or not the pure play method will be covered on the exam b/c of how much attention it receives in one of the corp finance readings… i didn’t bother memorizing it since it’s not in the los, and it wasn’t tested on the exam. i am fairly certain that anything which isn’t stated or implied in the los shouldn’t be tested on the exam, and in my opinion you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it.