Topics NOT in Schweser, but in CFAI materials

Since items like these are likely to aggregate to a small but notable number of questions on the exam, perhaps we should list anything we saw in the curriculum but not in the Schweser books? With this, we can make sure we understand these topics by the time the test comes around. One that I noticed to be missing from the Schweser books was the Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient. Any others?

cost of trade credit maybe? I am only using CFAI stuff but my buddy did not know what this meant when I asked him and he is only using KAPLAN and Stalla.

Definitelly in Stalla.

map1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Definitelly in Stalla. thanks, I’ll alert him. He may have forgotten. There is just to much to remember. I am trying to remember all the formulae in the QUANT section, there are so many