Topics not mentioned in LOS can come in exam or not ?

Dear All

There are many topics like Yardine model, P/E in cross country comparisions where they are explained with practicals in readings but in LOS they are not mentioned like in case of yardine model.

So can these topics come in exam devil? Scswer hasnt mentioned yardine model. These are for L2

if it ain’t in the LOS there is no need to learn it for exam purposes. That is why you will always find many peeps on this forum comparing the LOS of next year’s exam with the past so they can adapt their previously learned material and/or divine what may come up in the next exam.

I think it’s pretty dangerous to decide on your own what sections are optional. If it’s required reading, you should know it. I have read a number of posts where individuals interpreted an LOS too narrowly and lost out.

Hank dear this is what i m also worried surprise

then don’t interpret the LOS too narrowly…

Alladin this is very tricky smiley

To leave or not to leave hehe