Topics primarily from CFAI

I have just started studying today with Equity. I am using schweser and CFAI for summary & EOC. For ethics i will use CFAI only.What topics other than Ethics should one preferably study primarily from CFAI.? given the limited time at my disposal should I use CFAI for Equity and FRA? i would prefer to do so but is it practical ? I work full time.5 and half days days a week.wife and 1 year old daughter. can devote 2 hours mon to fri and 6 to 8 hours on sat and sunday.a total of 22 hours per week. suggestions welcome.

You will have to study hard and keep to your study plan to do well. given your short amount of time I would focus on schweser and do the CFAI EOC in place of Schweser EOC questions. finish all the curriculum and review everything you have learned every 1 or 2 weeks. take the CFAI mock and all 6 schweser practice tests, giving yourself time to review the wrong answers for each exam before moving on to the next (should take 4 weeks). CFAI for equity, FSA (if you can find the time - should take you about a week to read depending on how strong your accounting background is) and ethics. you will be pressed for time the FSA and Equity have the most content and formulas of the sections I have read so far (have not done AI, FI, PM, ethics and derivatives). after you do FSA you will see that there is a lot to remember and know. it is difficult to go over it once and move on like in L1. I wish you the best of luck. you can do it just put in the time and you will pass, don’t let the exam intimidate you but do not take it for granted.

so i would be able to use CFAI for 3 topics and complete the syllabus in time? i do not have an accounting background but did put in a lot of time in understanding FRA at level 1 and scored >70 in FRA and 50-70 in ethics and equity.

You’re on pace to study well above 300 hours. I don’t think you should use so much schweser. It seems like 80% of people recommend the CFAI texts only, I think you might finish rather early but still have only a superficial understanding of the material.

yup 300 hours for sure.I guess i will use CFAI for 3 subjects and schweser + CFAI EOC for the rest.shall see how it goes.

I have decided to stick to schweser,cfai summary and look at cfai equity book.(skimmed through it for an hour) and the time remaining, the decision was made.regret not being able to use texts though.