topics to skip/skim? Readings left?

I have about approx 40 readings still to do. I am figuring this is going to be impossible to finish in the time I have left. What should be my strategy. I tried to study the readings that came with curriculum, but cfa institute grossly underestimates the time you have to spend on these. I think i already spent 150 hrs. This is what I have still left to do - any suggestions how to approach, I have schewer notes, but i find them hopeless compared to readings and I have schweser cd’s too. Quant - SS3 ECON (all of it) FSA - SS 9 (difficult part of it) and SS10 (all of it) Corp finance - Du pont analysis & governance Portfolio - that chap on CAPM Equity - SS 14 Derivates - SS17 Alternative investments SS18

Personally, I flew through everything once I got past FSA, so maybe it isnt as bad is it seems. Don’t get discouraged. Put your head down, work, and pray.

Would suggest that you try listening to all the Schweser videos if you have and that should almost be enough… I am doing that way majorly… Be assured that it covers more than the Schweser notes by 20-30%

would suggest to skip economics and derivatives…u should still be fine…

Skip Econ definetely. It is not possible to absorb the hard subjects in a short amount of time and you will waste your time reading them. You may also skip Derivatives if you do not have any previous knowledge abot them.