topis with 1 item set

Hey everyone, Just wondering how everybody is planning to study for these sections that have 1 item set each (6 q’s) but have quite a bit of material. I’m mainly referring to 4 sections: alt inv, portfolio mgmt, quant, and eco. I wrote the exam last year (failed ban 10) and found I spent way too much time on these sections. I ended up getting 50-70 on port mgmt, eco, and quant, and failed alt inv. I feel I could have gotten the same mark studying much less and used that time to focus on Equity. Having said that, I still wanna nail these sections. I’m planning on reading the chapters, doing EOC questions, and focusing on the concepts from the EOC q’s and from mock exams. Any input?

I found the weight of topics on exam is well related to 1- size of the book of the topic 2- the difficulty of the topic so after putting some thinking into it, i concluded that all pages of the curiculum are equaly important and i plan on knowing it all… on level 1 i prepared a chart of (points/page) to see where is the biggest marginal benifit of spending my time it came out that some topics have a higher (points/page) ratio, you would think you are better off studying them but then again, there were harder than the rest, so theoreticly had i done a (mins required to understand page/points per page) the conclusion would have been study it all !!!

ahmad i thought you were gonna lay off AF for a while…you’re addicted

yeh, i tried, i had to endure withdrawl and i would get headaches and visions so i am doing it slowly, first by only posting on CFA things and staying away from “who is the sexiest homo on schweser cover” kind of posts next step would be to cut me off completely

ahmadmadoff, I agree that you should study it all, and I will most definitely study it all. I just think my time can better be spent on some of the bigger topics. I feel that if I read the book and do the practice questions, then do a light review and focus on the topics from the mock, that should be sufficient for the lighter sections. Last year, I felt I spent some needless time remembering details of the Eco and Quant sections.

mainem2 since you are a repeater, if you ever feel like you have time share you entire experience with us. A smart person learns from his mistakes, a smarter person learns from the mistakes of others. So you if you share about how you went about it, how much effort, what you think went wrrong…It might help the rest of us not make the same mistakes… Best of luck, make this one count!

hahaha thanks, I will do my best…Well I feel I did really well last year (ban 10), but I think I should have paid more attention to the stuff I thought were minor details in the Equity section (I knew the main stuff really, really well, but there are tons of random formulas and facts in there you gotta know). I just feel the main focus should be there and FSA. Not to say skip the smaller sections, but be mindful that each of those reps only 1 item set (6 q’s).