Toronto AF'ers

I know this is last minute, but I’ll be in Toronto tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) and into the evening for Sigur Ros concert as well as probably most of Sunday. Hit me up on my email q(dot) benjamin(at) gmail(dot) com if you’d be down for meeting up.

Toooooo Lateeeeeeee.

Would have loved to come out though.

Sigur Ross. I hope you brought drugs.

Nah, I’m actually looking forward to a clean healthy reflective weekend. I’m long overdue for one. This’ll be like the 4th time I’ve seen Sigur Ros, such a phenomenal experience. Anyhow, just got into the Trump Hotel at Toronto. This city is amazing, definitely living up to the hype. And Kan-yeezy, is the dating scene here awesome? Cause it seems like there are a lot of attractive girls running around these parts.

You staying at the Trump? What a baws. And is it your first time in Toronto? We do have a fairly beautiful city. You should come here in the summer when all the roof top patios are buzzing.

As for the dating scene, it’s good but not awesome. We do have a lot of beautiful women, especially because the city is sooo multicultural. Serbian, Italian, Portuguese, Greek… you name it we have it. While the women are beautiful, you’re going to have to work harder than you would in say in other Eastern cities (Montreal, NY, Boston etc.). That’s ALWAYS the feedback I get from my Toronto based friends who now reside in the US. I’m not really a believer in how “strong/weak” a dating scene is though; because if you got the looks and the talent, you can pull in any city at any time.

Anyways, aren’t you still with that annoying chick that you took on that ski trip? You’re in the city having fun on a Saturday night, an opportunity should present itself. Enjoy the concert.

Toronoto was a blast man. Great city, like you said, very diverse dating scene. I am not still with that girl, but things were great in the city, and I’m hoping to get back up there later this summer.