TORONTO CFA LEVEL 2 STUDY GROUP - (meet ups downtown)

Hey guys,

So I believe there was one thread about this before but the guy that originally posted never contacted me.

Me and a fellow candiate are planning to meet regularly. For the months of Feb-Apr, we’ll meet twice to three times a month on a weekend to go over the cirriculum. We both have started FRA which Im sure many of you started with too and we’ll go from there.

Im planning in the month of May we meet a bit more frequent (I took my vacation so ill be in the library almost everyday) and go over practice exams. Hopefully by May we have all the cirriculum studied (im planning on leaving ethics till the last bit of study time since I feel i will have a better chance of memorizing the content closer to the exam) and can go over the exam as a whole.

I have formed a study group via whatsapp. Let me know if you guys are interested!