Toronto Exam Centre

Has anyone been to the Direct Energy Centre before? The special instructions say to go to the west end and into heritage court to enter hall A from the back. I’ll have to take a taxi from my hotel on bloor st. Do you know of street directions on how to get there, you know how taxi drivers like to pretend they don’t know where they’re going and waste time to run up the meter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

the direct energy centre (at the Ex) is a pretty popular place and everyone in Toronto knows where it is, they’ll go just south from bloor, but I don’t know where along Bloor your hotel is. Probably the best thing to do is print off a map from mapquest or google if you’re that concerned, but I personally don’t think you have anything to worry about. Just tell them you’re going to the direct energy centre at the Ex (make it sound like you know what you’re talking about), and I really don’t think anyone will take you for a ride. Most cabbies are ok. You got more important things to worry about on exam day than an extra $5, if that.

Thanks, for responding. I was more worried about wasting time than the couple extra dollars. The main entrance is on Princess’ street, but if we have to go to west end of heritage court, what street is that? Google maps or the Ex’s website doesn’t have a detailed map showing the names of the buildings, but they do look extremely large. I don’t want to waste any time and energy just to find the entrance.

How early do you guys think it is necessary to show up? …hopefully the cab driver finds the place easily enough from Union Station :slight_smile: I think they’re calling for some winter storm tomorrow, hopefully this shouldn’t cause any problems mikey

I’ve assembled a giant catapult on the rooftop patio of my apartment building. I’ll be sleeping in it tonight and at 8:40AM it will automatically launch me across town to the test center so that I get maximum sleep while still making it in before the doors close. As far as I know there is no snow storm tomorrow morning, otherwise I would be blown off my trajectory by the wind.