Toronto exam centre

Just got my exam ticket, seems they changed the exam centre to 650, Dixon Road

From Downtown, it’s sooooo inconvenient to travel 1 hour on the exam day to get there:(…old Direct Energy Centre was good…

Anyone has some idea how the centre is in terms of writing such exam…hopefully it is as convenient as the old centre…

I know it’s a wild guess, does CFAI or local CFA body make any transportation arrangement?

no idea about the centre, but seems like they’ve considered transportation needs for candidates before making the change. but yeah, liked the direct energy centre location a lot better.

I’ll ask my Level II candidates at OTPP about this tomorrow, and my Level IIIs on Sunday.

They probably moved because its more convenient for those who drive. Last year traffic coming into DEC was terrible and lots of people ended up getting off their cars and running. But yeah it sucks for those who live in downtown and dont have a car.

This map might help you find your room