Toronto Job Market

For my fellow Torontonians, Even in the best of times the Toronto job market is dismal. Anyone else notice a complete and utter drying up of opportunities in light of whats been happening?

Yup …

I haven’t really looked, but I imagine it’s fairly bleak out there…

What I noticed about the Toronto job market is the same as the Toronto CFA market… NO ONE notices when you DO have the Charter or ARE looking for work. However, EVERYone notices when you DO NOT have the CHARTER and are NOT looking for work. Weird Willy

i’m sure there are a few positions out there however there are a few more experienced people out there as well … Hell even the big 4 have scaled back thier hiring …i know a few people that were given offers and then had them revoked a week before they started …

Wow…that’s gotta suck… “We’d like to extend you an offer”. A week later… “We’d like to revoke the offer we extended to you earlier, tough bananas”. Willy

WillyR…Great observation. You must have been dealing with some of the same headhunters, or as I like to affectionately call theh “flesh peddlers” as I have. These are the same people who tell you that you are too junior for a certain position, but when you are too senior for another, and they are trying to convine you to accept, they tell you “not to get hung up on titles”. Is this whole industry full of douchebags/wh*res?

What kills me is that the only time I get calls back is from firms who want to hire me away for similiar roles at their company, naturally, to sponge off ideas and stuff I learned here. Willy

Toronto market is definitely tough for me right now. Lots of emails and talk, but no offers. And I’m just trying to break into finance, just looking for entry-level. The last headhunter I saw was really flattering, telling me how great I was, and not to undersell myself. He basically said he could get me about 25-30%+ more then what I was looking for money-wise. I said great… The only problem being, he never has anything for me!

Ok write this down in large large fonts: HeadHunters are useless. It’s so true. Willy

They are USELESS but what about these guys that staff positions specifically for the street (Joe Kan, Bill Vlaad) do they only deal with senior guys with 10 years experience? Given what I’ve been hearing about the indsutry, the pool of potential candiates is very bottom heavy with newbies. To bring it full circle, how are these headhunters staying in business? Who are the candidates?

Headhunters call me all the time, don’t even ask me about the charter…in fact the CV they pick up off workopolis still says Level I candidate, think they call based on my firm though.

Big 4 reduced seniors, managers and some lower individuals who failed to pass one of the professional exams. They havent revoked any offers that I know of…if they did that they would be slaughtered on campus… Job market in toronto is pretty bad especially if you don’t know people, even if you do there not a lot of openings…Canada is going down the States…time to move.

Which side of the fence are you people on; with McGunity vs Flathery?

Yeh I know a few people and they are of no help right now.