Toronto, post exam meetup?

Hey guys, I remember reading some threads where people were arranging to meet up after the exam in Toronto, I’d like to join & go drink, so where are you guys meeting up and how will you recognize each other?

Im hitting Ruths Chris for a 44 ounce porterhouse right after… then some serious boozing

Hey did you read the special instructions for this test center? I’ve never been to the Direct Energy center and I have no effing clue what the spec. intrux are saying (“don’t come in through the front door, go through the side door, jump out a window, then climb back into the west wing through the skylight”)… I’m afraid I might never find the entrance to the building. I can’t believe the test center isn’t on the subway line after paying so much money!


go get subway to spadina station, then transfer to 510, to the end transfer westbound 509, it will take you directly to the entrance.