Toronto Study Group

I am looking to set up a L3 study group for people in Toronto (downtown financial district) PM me if interested

would be interested

if any of you guys in Toronto lookin to buy Schweser level 3 study notes (2009), send me email kblade44 at gmail dot com

What is your plan for the study group?

me 2 email me -

I am thinking we would meet on a regular basis (maybe once every two weeks?) and discuss the concepts and go through the tough parts, then in the few months before the exam itself we would meet more frequently to go over particularly difficult sections and prepare more intensively. I found with L1 and L2, the material wasn’t necessarily difficult to master, but I needed to hit a moment of insight that came through discussion and review (I found the CFA material to be written in an ambiguous or otherwise unclear manner in many cases, which made it more difficult to crack). So, by reviewing as a group and going through difficult sections again, we can hopefully reach that insight sooner. This is my first time writing L3. Email me if interested at voisin (at] gmail (dot] com. I’d like to set up an initial meeting in the next week or two to set an agenda. Please include in your email your experience with L3 in the past (i.e. if you’ve failed in the past and only found one or two sections difficult, maybe it would make sense to only come to meetings where we discuss those sections?) Thanks

There is another L3 hookup thread below:,1048226 I have posted my thoughts in the above thread. Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

Hi, Everyone We would like to have an initial meeting on Friday September 4th Location: Entrance of Hockey Hall of frame(concourse level near richtree) time: 11:50 AM sharp Agenda: 1. Introducation of each other and share the contacts 2. Share the experience of lv3 studies 3. Discuss the formations of the study group 4. Possibily setup a timeline We have longCFA, Boost, another guy, myself joinging at this moment

A few people have arranged a preliminary meeting this Friday, Sept 4, at 11:50am at The Hockey Hall of Fame Concourse Level inside of BCE. Please post whether you will be attending so we all know how many to wait for. If you can’t come, email me - voisin (at] gmail (dot] com. Also, you can add me to MSN and GTalk at the above email address.

I’d like to join. I just sent you an email.

I’d like to join too. I sent you an email.