Toronto Trip

I’m going to be in Toronto for the next 2-3 months for business, and I was hoping some of you Canucks might point me towards some things to do, places to drink, good restaurants, places to drink, etc. Never been to Canada before so totally in the dark here.

The Madison is a great bar, I am not from right in Toronto so I dont exactly know how to get there as I always go with friends and they know where they are going. Its this huge old mansion that they turned into this bar, there’s so much space in there inside and out, and there is a piano room there inside with a guy that will play any song you request, and he is unbelievable - also a Leafs or Raptors game is tough to beat

There is lots to do/see in Toronto …and lots of events happeneing all the time , it all depends on what your into . Here is a good point of reference

The Madison is at Madison and Bloor, pretty easy to find even though it’s tucked on the north side in an odd area. The main attraction is the patio and multi-levels… have never been in the Winter so I can’t say if it’s as good then. You will get a lot of University students and some douches so be prepared for a mixed crowd. Restaurants…people will tell you Canoe, Ki and all that stuff…I’d suggest just going to Jamie Olivers and finding random ones that look interesting. That won’t be hard. Try out the Distillery District and The Bier Mrkt which is on the Esplanade. I’s very easy to find places to drink after work, just look for people who you think you wont hate or will hate the least and follow that crowd, they are undoubtedly going to drink after work. Aside from drinking and what not, there’s a ton of Golf courses in the area that should be open if you come soon for the next month and a bit. Don’t play the North Course at Angus Glen, it sucks…Glen Abbey is overrated as well. Try eaglesnest, Bond Head and some other ones in the greater GTA. If you can get hooked up at private clubs through work do that.

Here are my Fave pics for food Wings- Duff’s Wings (college street or bayview) Gelato- Il Gelateria or Hollywood gelato ( mount pleasant ave, Bayview ave) Crepes- Cafe Crepe (queen street) Veal Sandwich- California Sandwiches (multiple locations) Sandwiches (corned beef)- Yitz’s - Eglinton ave west Risotto - Coco Lezonne - College Street Burrito’s- Burito Boys ( adelaide st) Steak- The keg (avg price range)- High End- Ruths Chris, Hy’s Breakfast- The Senator (victoria street), Petit Dejeuner (king street) Roti/Jerk- Ackee Tree- (Queen and Spadina) Indian - The host (richmond hill, or downtown), Amaya (bayview ave) Pakistani- Lahore Tikka, Sidhartha ( Gerard street east) Buffets- Chinese (The Mandarin), Italian ( Frankie Tomatoes), Indian (the chef of india) St. lawrence Market ( on front street, good for fresh fruits/foods and hot meals as well, good seafood sadwiches, pemeal bacon sandwiches, as well as veal and eggplant parmasian sandwiches) For Bars/Clubs etc check out, for restaurants check out, for local events and attractions check out

thanks a lot everyone, what’s the word on the casino scene in the city? dont have a car so can’t really travel to niagara, etc.?

farney Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thanks a lot everyone, what’s the word on the > casino scene in the city? dont have a car so > can’t really travel to niagara, etc.? There are no legal casinos in the GTA. There are various private poker games, but you have to know people to get in (the bigger ones play on credit so you’ll need someone to vouch for you). Senaca casino is about 1.5 hours north, Niagara 1.5 hours east.

Don’t let the lack of a car stop you from going to Niagara Falls. You can take a bus from the terminal near Bay/Dundas and you’ll be at the falls within 2.5 hours. It should cost you about $45 for a ticket.

Alot of bus operators offers free bus rides to casinos (check tai pan tours) also there is one that is about an hour out in the city in Port Perry called Great Blue Heron