Toronto Tutor

Hey all, First time post. I am taking Level II for the second time (barely failed…damn Treynor-Black). I was thinking of going the tutor route for some assistance this time. I took the Schweser course last year, and while it was OK, I found it better for keeping me on track, rather than learning. Has anyone tried working with a tutor for the CFA? Is it useful? If so, does anyone know any good people to hire in the GTA? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks, Matt

No thoughts?

Hi, Have you considered perhaps inquiring on a study group? Great way to network!

If you “barely failed” and have 8 months to prepare my personal opinion is that you don’t need a tutor. You’re ahead of the game in that you’ve had a crack at the material already and have identified your weak areas. You already know how to study for this thing and i’d be willing to bet that you’ll ace it this time around. With the CFAI materials included this year why not utilize them for those few weak areas that you barely failed on last year. Either way, good luck!!