I’ll be spending a lot of time in Canada next year and want to continue to see if I can connect with any of the Canadian members of AF. Last time i was in vancouver i was lucky to meet a cool afer and I hope i can do the same in Toronto. I’ll be there 1/5-1/7, shoot me a msg if youre around.

You really like torture, don’t ya? That time period is historically like the coldest time of the year.

The weather has actually been great so far. Much warmer than normal.

the exchange rate is killing my business, so im forced to do these in person meetings.

Mike - you around on the 5th?

i would drive in and meet you (i’m an hour outside of downtown TO) but i’ve got three kids under 4 so maybe next time.

Based on my conversations with canadian former coworkers just make sure you pronounce it “Churrana”

^ correct.