Anyone want to hit the Pita Pit at College and Spadina with me? Willy

You buying? Chicken Melt for me please!

Lemme board up a plane, ill meet you at 3…

Sorry…I’m back and already ate. Willy

Willy, thanks for bringing some color to these boards. You’re one funny dude!

Word. Willy

we should all get together sometime, so many here are from toronto

Willy, With burrito boyz so close, how could you choose pita pit?

First time of my visit to toronto this weekend. It is sunny, but windy today. Nice city, definitely better than new york, a little like chicago to my impression somehow, and very American to me… Housing sounds a little expensive. So do most stuff in supermarket. Maybe the food has better quality. So, torontonians, tell me how you like living in toronto. I am considering moving here next year.

I fail to see how in any way TO is a better city than NY. It’s colder, lower paying, more satured with finance wannabes (like myself) and it’s hockey team really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, TO isn’t the worst place in the world and I’d move there for a good gig, but it’s still no NY. The American thing is funny and I agree. Most TOians (the folks on here being a notable exception) I know and talk to living, especially those living out east here, talk with a very knee-jerk anti-American attitude, but when push comes to shove are probably more “americanized” per se than people from any other area of Canada. Thoughts??? On the plus, it is cheaper than NY and I had the craziest dream last night the Leafs won the Cup in Game 7 OT against the Habs. Too many beers last night!

By better, i mean cleaner from the perspective of a tourist.

rong19 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > By better, i mean cleaner from the perspective of > a tourist. When was the last time you were in New York? Things have changed since the 70s :slight_smile: