Toss Old CFAI/Schweser Books?

I am debating whether or not to keep old CFAI/Schweser study guides. Has anyone used these to supplement MBA courses, etc?

CFA material is too technical for a general course like MBA. They may not be of any use unless you are studying a technical specialization like MFE. My two cents.

donate them to a local library

Do you think you will ever review this stuff again, if only just for reference? If so, keep them, if not, then don’t. How much space you have to store things may also figure in to your decision.

Definitely keep them

Though it’s not exactly the same, I tossed my Becker CPA books mostly because they were useful only for taking the exams, and not as a reference. Haven’t felt a need for them since then. I would think the same would be true for Stalla/Schwesser, but I plan to keep the actual CFAI books.

I have some of the old CFAI textbooks that they started to publish a few years back…vauation, FI, stats, derivatives…those I will definitely keep.

Definitely a decent reference to have around although they do take up a lot of space.

I’m keeping CFAI textbooks for reference, you never know when you need some piece of information in the future and can refer to a good source such as these books. As for Schweser books, I think they are only useful for studying. I already sold my level 1 and level 2 for about half the cost. Will do the same for level 3 once I write (pass) the exam.

I’ve seen people posting the Schweser books on Ebay for sale. Better to get some of your original money back by selling them rather than just throwing them out.

You’d be amazed, people pay a lot for out of date Schweser on eBay. I’ve always kept mine in good condition and then eBayd after exam.

Sort of an opposite question, can I buy newer years of passed levels from CFAI at a discount?

I’d keep them, I’ve used them as reference a few times.

Definitely keep. I use for help with MBA coursework from time to time.

I’m going to keep my CFAI books. However, I have some extra books/materials that I plan to burn. I plan to keep the ashes and mix some of them with oil, to make it a darker tinge and an interesting substance. I’m going to make a painting out of the oil / ashes and mount it on the wall. (I’m not joking)

I have kept some of my books. They are a great resource (already highlighted) when you run into something you dont deal with on a day to day basis (for me options). I gave others to the liabary and took a tax deduction for a gift to charity. Some of the Schweser books I kept, others I sold, and the batch for level one I gave away (to generate a little good Karma).

I’ll probably keep the CFA books but either sell/give away the schweser notes.