total debt issued globally?

Anybody know where I can find the total outstanding debt globally? I’m also looking for the total value of all equity markets? Any leads in the right direction much appreciated.

Why do those numbers matter?

It can be interesting to compare the market cap of the debt market to the market cap of the equity market. I seem to recall the debt market is typically about 4x as large as the public equity market. One thing is that a company doesn’t need to be a publicly traded company (for equity) for it’s debt to be traded, so you can’t use those numbers directly to come up with an average leverage figure.

Develeraging effects on equity.

Reread and realized I typed wrong: I meant of say that the debt market is typically 4x the size of the public equity market IN THE USA. The recent troubles may have smashed this ratio to the extent that equities are more volatile than debt and have been hit harder.