Total Fees for Level II before and after 23rd sept 2015

I just passed Level I and would like to register for CFA Level II. However, I’m thinking whether to register before 23rd Sept or after that date since things are uncertain for me in the coming 12 months. So what is the difference in fees for both slabs? I can see on the website that the fee for early registration is $650 and fees for standard registration is $860. However, what about additional charges? I think we compulsorily have to pay $150 for some ebook? Is it waived off in early registration and chargeable in standard registration. Is the differencein fee $210 or $360 or some different amount?

Also if I register from one center but try to change the center say by January, will I have to pay additional charges or is it free?

Just have a look here:

The registration fee includes the ebook but not the printed version. If you want to have the printed version as well you have to pay an additional 150 USD plus shipping costs.

I don’t think there’s any difference between registration before or after 23rd Sep with regards to this.