Total hours invested?

I’ve got “like” 350 hours invested in Level 2. How does that compare to you all?

~240 so far

i hit about 500 this weekend…and it feels like i’ve done 1.

gotta be over 300 by now

not enough… prob 300 or so?

roughly 160hrs so far… not enough at all but that is this year…I am a re writer from 2007

No idea but should be above 300 hours…

North of 3.

prod above 300 hrs

around 110…I’m not sure if that’s enough

around 400 and Im soooo burned out… this is the worst week to be that way too…

at least 500 including last year’s attempt

I tried to take a regular count and so far I have reached around 360 hours Adding the 30 hours to come this week I will be close to 400 overall

I guess I should start adding next year’s expected hours to my estimate…

200+…likely approaching 300, lost track ages ago.

Not enough. I lost count after the 200 mark but I think I should also be approaching 300…

over 400 that’s not including the time i spent last year!!

Honestly, when I even try to start thinking about how much time I’ve spent on this exam I just start laughing… I can’t even control it.