Total Targeted Study Hours

Since we all hve unique study approaches to optimizing our chances of passing, I think it’s far more interesting to hear the total # of hours people have put in thus far, as well as their total goal. Everyone just rambling about which study sessions they’ve finished isn’t all that useful. I’ll start. I took Level 1 in Dec, and CAIA in March, so I just started buckling down this month for Level 2. I’m at about 50 hours thus far, and am targeting 250 hours total.

At 130 or so. Aiming for 300

probably 350-400

Wow you guys are getting aggressive, good for you. Maybe I’ll up it to 300.

I’m around 110 now, and shooting for 300.

Dude, you’re at 350-400, or targeting 350-400?


Question was “targeted” haha. I’m probably at 200 right now. Going to push hard the last 60 days

I’m at 180. Hoping for 380 by E-day

I am wasting a lot on time on the internet

just 2 months left. Will really cut internet time from tommorow

Need to work hard surprise

I’m at 200 exactly… Targeting for 200 more

I’m at 50, targeting another 150. I dont see how some of you are putting soo many hours in. But I guess some people are full time students vs full time employment. I just hope we all pass so this can be behind all of us and the bar can be infront of us.

I am targeting 450 hrs

probably around 420. This level is much harder than level 1.

I’m surprised no one is above the 400-450 range - I thought I read a guy comment on last year’s result thread saying that he’d studied 600 hrs?! That’s ALOT of studying!

I’ve been through all the material and am at 102. My next step is to go through my notes and hone in on the subjects that give me trouble. Shooting for 250-300 hours total.

I’m done with around 200… hoping for 100-150 more.

Common advice after passing L1 seemed to be to start studying early, as you will need more time for L2. I never exprected that 61 days out I’d have already put in more time than I did for the whole of L1. I anticipate maybe an additional 200 hours from before June 1. As long as I can allow about 55 minutes per week for Game of Thrones, ima’ just keep on keepin’ on. Or maybe just 50 minutes if I factor in the opening sequence.

350 done so far, and roughly 150 more I plan to put in in the next 10 weeks. Want to give my very best now and be done for good with this thing! Level III will definitely wait. As a motive, I am thinking about all the things far more exciting than studying that life has to offer, once I pass (hopefully)!