Tough Chapters

I very recently started preparing for the June exam with Schweser notes. Just curious as to how exactly to study. I know this sounds absurd but do you just memorize word by word or just try to understand the concept and not necessarily focus on all the details? What chapters did you guys find harder to get through and understand the concepts? I’m trying to estimate the time I need to allot for some of the harder chapters or more theoretical areas.

You have your work cut out for you. This is starting pretty late on a hard exam. You need to be able to look at the LOS and do whatever it tells you to do which is almost certainly not memorizing anything.

definitely memorize word for word just don’t get hung up on all the conjunctions.

Don’t forget the size 0.2 font for which you will need the magnifying glass. It’s such a large abundance of text, it was mandatory for them to format it this way. Sucks for all of us.

Start looking at practise questions…q-bank maybe? it will give you a bit of confidence in knowing the sort of questions they ask… and will hopefully teach you that memorising word-for-word is a pointless exercise

Read, do questions, read, do more questions, check AF when you’re stuck, repeat, then do a couple of practice exams…