Tough Interview Questions

Today i was discussing with a colleague about some tough interview questions we have encountered so far. I would like to hear fellow AFer’s opinions.

I hate it when the interviewers keep asking questions on top of my answers. For example, what do you dislike the most about your job? I say sometimes we don’t receive necessary information on time from our stakeholders because they don’t have the correct documents on hand; as a result, we are not able to meet our SLAs. Then, the interviewers keep asking “when you don’t receive the necessary information, what would you do?” I say, I just reach out to the stakeholders and ask… so on and so on…

Another question is: it is 8pm. You need to submit a report to the AVP by tomorrow morning. However, due to a technology failure, you are not able to get a key input. Everybody who could help you already went home and there is no way you can contact them. What would you do?

I wasn’t able to provide an answer on the spot. And I still don’t have an answer for this question yet…what would you say?

The answer is that hacksaw AVP low level employee should take whatever report you give to them, thank you for your kindness, and ask you to become their sifu. I would also print out a portrait of Nicolas Cage, seal it in an envelope, and have the guy open it in front of you. What is this 2006? It’s not like people get paid to do this stuff any more, amiright??

Answer is you haven’t interviewed that much.

Not trying to be a big D, but there are was of BSing your way around these questions.

I’ve always been quick witted so I really can’t say I’ve ever had tough interview questions in normal interviews. I found case interviews for consulting technically difficult, but it seems you aren’t asking about technically difficult questions. The only one time I was asked a tough non technical question was who I voted for, which I was speechless for. I doubt I handled that well.

wow - thankfully I’ve never had that question

I would’ve said, I hope I have the kind of relationship with everyone where I can text or call personally with the information as an FYI to them.

I’ve gotten the ol’ “What animal in the jungle would you be and why?” out of nowhere before…

I wonder if they planned questions like this, or if they just randomly blurted them out because they didn’t prepare anything.

If you were a swaption, what kind of swaption would you be? Why is the answer always payer?

In all honesty they’re an AVP… so you send them an email telling them you can’t get the information and you’ll deal with it when everyone gets back in in the morning. Or you tell them straight that the SLA is 3 working days for all reports and we’re only on day 1. You give them the report on day 2 and you’ve exceeded expectations and get ur dlck blown int he process.

If it were an MD asking for your shltty report then you’ll be calling people up or you’ll find another way to get the data input.

Had phone interview yesterday. Brosef asked what I was scared/nervous about if anything about the position.

I said I was scared about how long it would take me to advance as I am such a high performer…

Got the final interview next week.


nice one dude!! Good luck with the final interview

thanks brah

i was once asked…“pac 10 golfer huh very cool…would you let your boss or client beat you on the course?”

I said no. I will do my best to actually impress them and make it enjoyable to play golf with me.

The dude then said “so you are so much better than they are that they don’t look at you as their competition but someone to just watch and enjoy?”