Toyota - Is this fair business?

To recover from lost sales due to recall most/all dealership are offering 0% APR. Today, I see a new commercial about them spending 1MM/hr on safety at Toyota. I got my 3rd Toyota right before the recall fiasco and had to go to the dealership to get it fixed. It has less than 5000 miles on it. So, just for the heck of it I asked the dealership if they could “refinance” my loan to 0% APR (my is NOT 0% APR, because I got the car before the fiasco) and they said NO. I even called Toyota financial and they said NO. I wasn’t expecting anything out of it. It was simply an experiment. My issue is: I think existing owners are the ones who went thru the agony of driving faulty vehicles and getting their cars fixed. The new cars in the lot should presumably be fixed. So, the existing owners should receive 0% APR not the new customers. Is this fair business or just capitalism?

You are not entitled to anything further - but good effort.

It’s both

They already suckered you. Their promotion is to try to attract new customers, not schmucks they already fleeced. And by the way, I do believe Toyota is a great company and that their vehicles are amongst the best on the market.

Of course it’s fair. If you don’t like it, buy from a different manufacturer next time. New customers get better deals than existing customers all the time in a lot of industries.