Tradable Indexes information

Hi, Does anyone here know SOURCES to get tradable index funds information? The information I referred pertain to: 1. whether or not specific index futures are available in the market? 2. what is the base currency? 3. where do they trade? 4. etc… It seems like Morningstar is not helpful in this area. Thanks!

What do you want? Index futures or index funds? If it’s futures, is the base currency the currency the contract is denominated in or the one in which you put your margin deposit? The margin thing is not especially important because you are subject to FX fluctuation only on the amount of margin not the whole notional amount.

Hi JoeyDVivre, Thanks for the quick respond. I am looking for Index futures information. For instance, I am long in a specific market index, and I am interested in futures can be shorted to hedge the risk. Where can I find that kind of information? Thanks!