Trade Control - insight?

I got a call back for this position (based in Toronto), and I would like to know if this would be a good stepping stone, to move into the front office. The recruiter mentioned that a previous individual who was placed in the same role, has now moved on to the trading floor. Somehow, the job description, makes it seem very much like a BOM role (I could be wrong). Background: I graduated in June 2007. I’m a L2 Candidate, and currently an Analyst within Asset Liability Mgmt. I’m ultimately looking to make a switch into the Institutional Sales / Trading arena. I would appreciate any advice on the exit options, such a role would provide. Thanks in advance. Job description: With a department that continues to expand, the Global Middle Office is searching for a Senior Analyst - Trade Control to join the team. Key activities include: • Providing day to day support for globally based trading in cash or derivatives products • Acting as the established point of contact between all internal departments including traders, marketers and external clients for all trade discrepancies • Ensuring accurate settlement of trade transactions • Correspondng with traders and profit and loss analysts to reconcile trades and positions • Tracking and reporting new business for OTC transactions to Front Office so they can accurately measure their new business • Daily communication with Fund Managers, Portfolio Managers and Pension Funds

Sounds like a run-of-the-middle MO job to me… while it’s not impossible to get to the FO from a role like this, it’s damn well near it. I know of fewer and fewer people who are getting in to the FO from these roles.

typical middle office work…i know quite a few people that have made it from the MO/BO at both (bulge bracket) iBanks I’ve been at…admittedly easier if you work for a European iBank, i find the Americans are more hierarchal hell, the guy from SocGen came from the middle (maybe not the best example

Thanks guys. How would the hours for a job like this be? 45-50hrs?