Trade Error

I submitted a request to my compliance department to buy tesla today. The request actually was approved for trading too. So I went into E*trade and did the trade. And you can guess how surprised I was when I got the alert back that read: “Your order to SHORT 150 shares of TSLA was executed at $430.96”. I legit ■■■■ myself. So I covered the trade, and then bought the 150 shares.

However, now my compliance department is telling me I violated our 30 day holding period rule by fixing the trade. And I’m curious what the best response other than “GO ■■■■ yourself” is to these guys. They ■■■■■■■ expect me to maintain the risk of shorting TSLA for 30 days? 150 ■■■■■■■ shares?

If I end up getting in trouble for this, I swear I’m going to find a new job.

Also… why is it configured so that when I click “BID” it pre-loads a short trade. That’s weird.

If I click on bid, I’d interpret it most reasonably as I want to BID for the security, not take a bid.

Sounds like gray area to me and I’m not surprised that a by-the-book compliance dude sees it the way he does.

Meh. Just explain what happened and never think of it again. Not worth going to war over, and even these compliance stiffs should be able to see this was an honest mistake. And it is weird that your trades default to short positions - although you have been notoriously Bearish so maybe they just made an assumption lol.

Yeah it’s all fine. It’s still a “violation” on a technicality. But I’m not losing any of my trading privelages (not like I have much anyways).

sounds like an honest error. can you imagine being short tesla for 30 days lol.
i’m going to have to hit up compliance soon. i got too much cash. im doing a deep dive in real estate crowdfunding. so many fracking platforms. in the meantime.

A long position on tsla for 30 days tickles my ball sack way too much for my liking, too!

Their accounting is just way too ”developed” for my taste.