Tradeking increases ACH holding time to 60 business days (NOT A GOOD SIGN)

Here’s the new Tradeking ACH holding time ACH Deposits - 5 business days to clear for trading - 60 business days from date of deposit to release funds from the account - return funds via ACH only NOT A GOOD SIGN AT ALL

“Gambling sites do this sometimes, I assume it is because they feel like if you win right away and want to cash out but can’t you will eventually decide to keep playing. Where as with Trade King I am sure it is the same process that if you can’t get your money out, might as well keep trading.”

TradeKing is a discount broker thought right? I see the banners for 4.95/trade.

Its similar to a scottrade/ameritrade/izone

wow?! I would cancel that account. Getting quick access to little real hard cash can be a real deal maker sometimes when an opportunity pops up.

If I read that correctly, though, it means that when you transfer money to the account, it must stay there for 60 days before you take it out. That’s usually a requirement to qualify for some promotion. Are you sure that if you’ve had an account for 6 months or so, you can’t transfer the money out relatively quickly (say 3-5 days). I’m pretty sure that after the initial 60 days, you’re good.

Bchadwick, This has nothing to do with a promotion and was institued recently