Trader - get mba - ????

What are typical paths for traders post mba?

what do you trade?


what kind of trader?


Can you specify? What is your level, are you in industry or in the bank S&T, how many years of experience, what do you want to do? I can’t imagine VP trader from S&T doing MBA, because the exit salary would be much lower than his current salary. However, I’ve seen associates, who want to switch to industry.

none of the traders I know would have an attention span long enough even to say the letters “M.B…” so wouldn’t bother even starting out trying to get an MBA - full time or p/t. If you want to get out of trading and into something like Private Eq or M&A, or into management, then a top class MBA is a good path. But it probably won’t help you as a trader. In the meantime…burn baby burn…

PE is not a typical exit, you’ll need to do the same load of networking as without MBA

Wouldn’t Hedge Funds be a more suitable exit for traders?

HF is suitable for anyone, we wish… But not typical at all Typical exits for MBAs: consulting, IB (i.e. M&A, S&T, private wealth, but research is not typical), pharmacy. These companies go to MBA schools themselves, and have standard positions and offers, normally associate position with around 90-100 grand salary. There are some other industries, like cement, automobile, etc (depending on what is big locally) where they have multinational companies, but, say, energy and natural resources are very rare.

3 years, power desk, not a vp, not trading

You can do almost anything. Most people go to B-School for a career change. Big time PE may be out of the question without pre-mba PE exp, but you can do anything else. IB, Corp Fi, brand management, whatever. You seem ideal for an energy focused HF because you would have MBA, CFA, energy trading exp. You’re a Texas guy, right? You could get almost any type of business/finance job in the state of Texas with a UT MBA.