Trading, Deal, and Macro Econ Blogs

Anybody know any quality ones out there, where I can get more unique and in depth perspectives than from the news wires, preferably from practitioner perspectives as opposed to journalists or academics. I read Macroman currently. He’s solid. I would recommend his blog, if your into global macro stuff. Anybody else have any suggestions? Anything discussing current issues in finance and or macro econ will do.

Macro blogs (in addition to Macro Man): Big Picture New Economist Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis macroblog James Hamilton Controlled Greed is also good, but more current events than just macro There’s tons of other good finance blogs out there (I like value investing blogs and research blogs (like CXO advisory and Empirical Finance Research Blog), but I haven’t been reading the strictly trading blogs as much. (best on the net imo)


for free private equity daily subscriptions, I recommend PE Week Wire (by Daniel Primack) and The Deal