Trading Forex, anyone...

Anyone on here trade currency?

I’ve been trading it a bit with my online broker, EURUSD. Really quick short trades trying to make pips here and there.

Anyone got any tips to success? Its a fun market because its so liquid, moves a lot, and only closes over weekends.

SSeems really difficult and I onyl trade small lots of EUR25K for very short periods, using my own gut/technical indicators.

Don’t quit your day job.

As always ohai, your input is of great value.

Gut just doesn’t sound like investing.

Technical indicators are probably more sensible in currency-land. Fundmentals are slow-changing and somewhat opaque - but prices change houly or faster.

But if you’re just trying to pick up pips using futures, you really do open yourself up to tail risk.

Dude, there are market making FOREX Firms out there using triangular arbitrage out 100 decimal places. The practical chance to make money in FOREX is slim.

No, no seriously. FX is not a good place for retail investors to trade. As the other guy said, you cannot make money from spread or arbitrages. Rumors and news are processed very quickly in the FX market, so you have no advantage in spotting fundamental changes that other people have not seen.

The only good news is that spreads are small, commisions are non-existent, and you can easily lever your position. So, you can get about a 50% chance of a large payout, unlike in other markets.

So, my previous comment can be interpreted as “don’t bet a lot of money on these trades”. The outcome will almost certainly be random, i.e. not at all based on your skill or analysis. If you really believe that you can apply reasoning to improve your trading, you should find a less efficient market - like equities.

With how much leverage are you trading ?

Honestly, with more than 1/20 leverage, I think it’s just suicidal.