Trading jobs in Singapore?

From what I read on the net, the opportunities for grads/inexperienced traders are pretty good in Singapore compared to other finance hubs, does anyone have any first hand experience on this? Some of the job adverts I see on the net look extremely dodgy, asking you to email your resume to or etc. How would one go about looking for jobs in Singapore? Are there any reputable job sites that specifically focus on Singapore/the Asian region in general?

I am currently in Singapore and looking for full time opportunities myself. At this point, its slightly harder from what I have been hearing, because a lot of locals are still unemployed and the government is encouraging companies to employ people who are either PRs (permanent resident) or citizens. Even if you did get a job, getting a PR has become much more stringent. It used to be that you could get a PR in a few months that you are employed, but now its taking anywhere between 6-9 months to even get an appointment. Although, the above doesn’t directly answer your question, it gives you an idea about how difficult it is in securing a job right now, even in Singapore. I think this place is easier to get something when you got a few years of experience, thus a great number of expat population you will see around. Send me an email at and I can help you out with any additional info. you need.