Trading Room

The trading room I’m in has $1,000 budget to improve its look. We have a basketball hoop and a few pictures up on the wall right now. Cany anyone else describe their trading room? We need to add some flare per request of upper managment.

we gots a wii. its grrrreat for relieving stress. you can get a cheeeeaaaap flat panel at sams club. i think its vizio.

Ours is pretty basic; a bloomberg terminal, two other computers and a 24" TV that plays CNBC continuously. We also dump all of our external research and periodicals in there.

a picture of john paulson

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > a picture of john paulson *Dartboard you mean.

ditchdigger2CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > daj224 Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > a picture of john paulson > > > *Dartboard you mean. if you think you can make north of 3 large next year, you put what you want, dog

My bad Daj, I thought you meant Henry Paulson, it was late. As far as I can tell that guy is a hack.

$1000 to improve its look? You can’t buy a new TV for that. You can buy 1 1/2 aeron chairs. One decent computer monitor. The most impressive trading room I have ever seen (is UBS in Stamford because it’s f-ing big) is SAC’s. The traders all sit around this console of monitors like 12’ high with the computers all located in a different room. It looks like something from some new Star Trek movie.

Well right now the room is fully operational. We have computers, with 2 montitors each, chairs, etc. We should get a TV, but we’ll probably soft dollar that. The $1k is to bring some life into the dull trading room. Right now it is me and one other person who sit here.

i would say purchase all the seasons of mad money. just buy everything he says to buy. you should probably buy a soundboard just like cramer’s too. and maybe some rogaine so that you dont end up looking like cramer

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