Trading the pound

So the pound has been pegged to the kilogram at the rate of 2.2 lbs/kg forever. I’m not sure how this is supported but I suppose that in the United States it is up to some group at National Institute of Standards and Technology to maintain the peg. Normally, I think that the peg is pretty secure but in our current mess, might they let this float? If we thought the peg was going to collapse how would we trade this?

someone should find a way to monetise all the extra pounds held in reserve by obese americans.i am sure the twin deficits would be wiped out in seconds. surely ,plenty of starving people in sub saharan africa and many asian nations could import the fat. plus we get to put bono and geldof et al out of work as a bonus.

I can’t believe you still have any faith in these fiat units of mass - they’ve been debased beyond recognition.

As I grow older I am experiencing across the board inflation of weight values. Something that used to weigh 1 pound I swear now feels like it weighs 2 pounds.


I wonder if all the pounds that have been liposuctioned away can be converted to biofuels to solve energy troubles.