trailing off

o my goodness. i started off studying so well. now i have been slacking for the past few weeks and even today, i spent the whole 3 hours on facebook. i need a good slap in the face. peeps help! [farley013 insert “funny” comment here] *note the " " around funny


think about how rich you can become if you pass

I used a “word and reward” strategy. I studied during day, then watched a movie and slammed 2 longnecks at night. watching pacino kill someone on screen pumped me up to similarly “kill” econ and “kill” quant. except i dont use a gun. i use a highlighter and HP12c to slay my enemies

Rockstar - sounds like you need to go to a Peter Olinto class in NY. That should inspire you. Failing that, youtube him to get your weekly fix. Its like a shot of adrenalin. Although the pacino pay-off strategy sounds good too

one solution: rock out with cock out

hmmm, a rooster is a cock

lol, before you shoot a gun, you have to cock it