"trained in etiquette and protocol" (part deux)

I just realized that the title of the thread this refers to (“trained in etiquette and protocol”) is likely a quote from Star Wars, where C3P0 describes his purpose and function.

Supposedly Anakin Skywalker constructed C3P0, which raises an interesting question: “Why would Anakin care to construct a protocol droid?” Was that what he needed the most assistance with? Was it just the most complex question AI could handle: “I’m sorry ma’am, my circuits were not designed for that particular manipulation. Please continue with the massage as normal.”

It just seems strange that the future Darth would decide to make a polite droid as an expression of his capabilities.

“You don’t know the POWER of the nice side…”

I have no need for a protocol thread.

Of course you haven’t, sir. Not in an environment such as this.

Probably because Anakin just found parts for this type of droid in a junk pile. (The correct answer, of course, is that C3P0 is a comic relief from the original trilogy and got shoehorned into the prequels.)

The real question is why Anakin programmed the droid to feel fear and pain. Presumably, just to revel in its suffering.

To look cool next to the nerdy robot. And get chicks.

Ha ha. I enjoyed that.

Though perhaps he was compensating for his lack of believable dialogue…

C-3PO’s incessant, unfunny, unncessary, and oddly-inserted attempt at comedy was the worst part of Ep2.

But not quite as bad as Jar-Jar in Ep1.

Did you know? George Lucas wanted the members of N-Sync to play Jedi Knights in Ep2, but two of the guys couldn’t make it (one of them being Justin Timberlake). Then some fans caught wind of it, and caused such an uproar that Lucas finally cancelled the whole deal.

^Also, Lucas wanted Tupac Shakur to play a Jedi Knight in Ep1. Alas, Tupac couldn’t make it to the audition.