Training for fresh analyst

Dear All,

I am thinking about training program for fresh analyst. We are working in frontier market and lack of some practical training for fresh analyst. Please kindly tell me how fresh analyst trained in your company? Does your company have some course for them?

In my opinion, I think some course like: Valuation, finacial modelling, writing report skill, how to exploit information from covered company (I mean questioning skill)….etc. Please kindly give me supplementary

If possible , please kindly share me some document (especially skill document)

Thanks you so much

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There are a ton of valuation and financial modeling type things out there (search around for best financial modeling training program) for the other two I think your expecting way too much with a training program or document, how to write well will take time and experience, it’s not like showing someone how to calculate beta. And for skill interacting with management teams, that will take a lot of experience and time.

yes, i know so many document aboit valuation anh financial modeling but really i dont have any document about writing skill and interacting with managerment team skill. Do you know any books about this skill? if possible, please share it with me


There is a book called “Best Practices for equity research analyst” which is written for both the buyside and sellside. Read it once and thought it was good. Gonna give it another look, probably read just the summary pages again after earnings.

It’s by, James Valentine, who happens to be a CFA charterholder.

Elements of style is a good quick one for writing also (more general but has good immediate advice to improve writing)

For interacting with a management team I would try and hire that instead, assuming your hiring fresh out of undergrad see if you can find someone who has worked in a sales job before.

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I got this book, thanks you for your recomendation

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