Transaction advisory experienced- Please help URGENT

Hi Everyone!

I have passed all levels of CFA exam and have total experience of 3 years in financial advisory. Currently I am working in one of Big 4 firms in its deals department. At this stage I am looking for a move to middle east from Pakistan. I have tried to contact many CEOs through Linkedin but the response rate has been very minimal. I have applied through recruitment websites (like bayt, gulftalent) but there has not been much of success.

I have been applying rigorously for about a month and have not even got a single interview.

I will be really grateful if anyone out there can guide me:

  1. How to make up this move? How to pursue my search?

  2. Which market do you think is best for me in term sof getting an opportunity and where I can enter easily?

Kindly guide me.Any help would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


this is like the 3rd time youve posted this thread and the responses have always been the same- contacting CEOs on linkedin probably isnt going to work well

oh no… not the “URGENT!!!” posters, again…

are u jewish?


Forget the naysayers; I will help you.

It is very easy to get a high-paying job in U.S. – all you have to do when you email the CEOs through LinkedIn is conform to the following rules about letter content:

  1. Stop using “URGENT URGENT URGENT” in the subject lines like some angrily-blinking answering machine light.

  2. Don’t use so many exclamation points and “…” sequences during construction of run-on sentences.

  3. “Guyz” is not a word. Also, “lolz” is not considered good form in business communications.

  4. Do not reference any participation in the CFA or any other test-taking endeavor by using any of the following words, or sentences that sound remotely like any of the following, to describe progress:

  • “I gave Level 1 last June at the Hyderabad testing station.”
  • “Bro”
  • “I wrote Level 2 last June at the Karachi government testing facility.”
  • “I was delighted to learn that I cleared Level 1 last December.”
  • “Please advise,” or WORSE, “please advice.”
  • “…and I would like to ask about the same.”

If you follow these really simple rules, I am confident that you will land that job in no time flat. Good luck.

More URGENT threads please.