Transaction Advisory Services - Real Estate

Can someone working at the Big 4 in following group tell me what types of engagements/types of clients they are working on? Do they enjoy the work? Travel? Etc? Transaction Advisory Services - Transaction Real Estate

I’m not at Big 4 and not a RE guy, but you can expect to review a lot of RE valuations and lease analyses done for ASC 805 purposes. No travel at all for that. Big 4 win a lot of large ASC 805 engagements, so there would be significant travel for a fixed asset intensive target. The RE guys at my firm (non-Big 4 national firm) travel 3 days per week on average, but we don’t do review work. Big-4 win a lot of international engagements as well, so expect to spend time overseas as well. Unfortunately, low man on the pole will get the crappy locations.