Transfer Pricing - How relevant is it to get a job in PE / VC

Hi, Been working in Transfer pricing for 2 years now and decided to Pursue my CFA. Was just wondering how releavnt is my Transfer Pricing Experience going to be - if i want to move into VC / PE. Thanks Tarun

not much i’d guess.

^agreed. Also not sure how relevant CFA is to VC/PE.

ask soppisoppi - I think he works in transfer priciing.

Yes, I do. TO be honest, TP can be very relevant, especially if you are working on the right projects. I mean you learn alot about large multinations and how tehy operate and their industries. And then there is a lot of valuations work, group financing etc too. Which can all be quite relevant. Not to mention a lot of other stuff. Problem is, most people dont know that, or even know what TPers do, so unfortunately likelihood is very very low. So sadly, I cant really offer much else I dont think. I wish it were easy to make such a move, but probably not.

No chance…

No chance…

Hey guys thanks for your inputs. @transferpricingCFA - i agree with you as i do a lot of stuff which is industry specific - inluding Industry Overiviews, Finanial Analysis of companies from an operating margin point of view , analysing business models… However as i see it will be a difficult task to move into PE / VC

What exactly is transfer pricing?