Transferring Schweser Video to Ipod

Hi Everyone, I’m looking for advice on how to upload the schweser video CDs to my ipod to I can maximize mt time. I’ve heard people say they’ve done this, any thoughts?

Search for a converter online, shouldn’t be too tough. Just find the file format of the Schweser Vid’s and search for a program that converts to .mp4. (I have the 30 gig first gen video Ipod.)

Cucusoft makes a $20-$30 one that is real easy to use.

I tried doing this sometime back and problem I ran into was that, the files Schweser has are of same name, located in different folders It was very painful to pick up individual files, rename them and then convert them Can someone who has done this before successfully , please comment !

Not sure this would be very helpful, as the schweser video is made up of 2 parts, a video of the professor talking, and slides that the professor is referring to. It is probably possible to get the video onto the ipod, but not the slides. All you are gonna end up getting is a talking head on your ipod, and not being able to see the slides, problems, bullet points that the prof is talking about. Schweser audio would be a better fit for what you are trying to do, however I did not find the audio very useful.

Thanks everyone…i’ll probably just study the old fashioned way…in a dark corner at home Cheers

I agree. There is shortcut to carry these videos - unless you have a ligh weight laptop

budfox427 - Have you done this before? I am thinking the same thing - I took in December and either way I want to study/ restudy using video too. Does anyone know for certain you would only see the professor’s head? Cheers

Hi everyone, i’m new to the forum and this is my first post. You could try “Videora” IOPD converter. It is free. Cheers