Transgender Bathrooms

The most important thing since gay marriage

A ton of places now have “Family Bathrooms”. That’s more than adequate for the transgender crowd, although no dropping a deuce for 15 minutes while I’m waiting to change my kid.

Problem is, it’s so arbitrary how someone can become “transgender”. You literally just have to decide that in your mind. Like that 6-year-old kid. Who knows - maybe in 10 years, he/she will identify as male again. In the mean time, he/she will have been creeping out in the women’s bathroom.

If we want to allow transgender men or women into those bathrooms, we need to fully integrate the bathroom system. People are offended at race segregated bathrooms, but for genders, it’s perfectly ok? Someone needs to champion the cause of bathroom integration.

I’ve seen the line for the ladies room at sporting events/the movies/bars/etc., so I vote no on the gender-integrated bathrooms. Please remove that from your platform when you run for dictator of the world.

Gender-integrated bathrooms for CFA exam centers would be nice though.

^ Good point, but that no longer affects me and I vote for my own interests wink

There should be 3-4 bathrooms:





Since we’re on the topic of public restrooms, what’s the deal with sticking the diaper changing table in the handicap stall in the men’s room, or not even having one in the men’s room?

Seems like it is just a matter of practicality. They need a baby table and a handicap stall. Both of these require a fair amount of space, but neither is used very often. So, they combine the space to have two functions.

As for not having baby table at all, I guess those places don’t have many dads with infants (?).

What I really want is shared gender lactation rooms. It is a great injustice that men are excluded from these public use areas.

I’m against most gov regulation, but there needs to be more bathroom regulation. I’m tired of having nowhere to sh** in public. (not because Im transgender, because most bathrooms are rugged poo areas with no privacy).

I love it when women just whip it out in public and would encourage other women to do the same.

If you suffer from gender lactation, please see your docctor immediately.