Transition into an Equity Research Analyst Role

Hey guys,

I had a few questions I was wondering to get some advice on. I have a Bachelor’s in Finance and an MBA from Penn State. I have also just passed the CFA Level 1 exam and am now a Level 2 Candidate. I have been really trying to transition into a research analyst role lately and I am starting to find out how hard it is to do. I am currently in Operations with BNY Mellon for almost 2 years now but I have the skills necessary to thrive in a research analyst position. I use Bloomberg and Excel on a daily basis and worked at Bloomberg as a temp for 4 months before BNY.

Aside from continuing to pursue the CFA Charter and continue applying, what else could I be doing to increase my chances of getting more interviews for positions such as these?

Are there any certifications/Licences i could be getting in the meantime that would help? I was thinking Morningstar and a Bloomberg certification could possibly make me look more appealing for this type of role I’m very determined to get?

Any advice would help, I just want to get into this side of business as I have been out of college.

Thank you

Network brah. Don’t bother with the certificates, they will only help marginally, if at all. The job ain’t that hard to get. It’s also not all that glamourous as you’d imagine.

Good luck.

Equity research is not as glamorous as most people think, but it’s not easy to get.

I know it might not seem too Glamorous, but its where I want to start my career because of what I ultimately want to be getting into in the future, Portfolio management.

Wouldn’t your school network help you to do what ever you want to do? You have an Ivy league degree!!!