Hey Guys, I am trying to transition from Telecom to Finance, in telecom I mostly worked with Sales and setting up different sales processes for my team. Any suggestions as to aside from being a CFA candidate what I could do ease my transition?

What sort of finance jobs are you looking for, and what is your general plan for getting one of these jobs?

You might look into an analyst program. WellsCap has one open in the SF area at the moment.

Wells Capital Management is seeking undergraduate candidates for the Analyst Development Program (ADP). The Analyst Development Program (ADP) gives undergraduates entry to the institutional investment management industry. As an analyst in the program you will spend 24 months as a participant in the Investment Management Track working with one of our investment teams for the duration of the program. Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to: some of the projects may be to assist in the management of conducting proprietary company, industry,and capital markets research, preparing presentation materials for clients or internal functions, executing fixed income or equity trades, and assist portfolio management team in a variety of the functions.